The timeline of the events that took place in my timeline set in 2099

Day 1 Edit

Private Militia Groups are formed to rise up against Combine rule. Combine commander-in-chief Yaowi Kusama orders all Militia Group Members to stand down,stating that any person who fails to comply will be publicly executed

Riots and Protests break out against the combine,calling for the surrender of Yaowi Kusama and his military and police forces. Civil Protection teams deployed to apprehend protesters

Civil Protection teams overrun by angry rioters and militiamen. First Overwatch reinforcements deployed into Cities 3,20,10,16 and 5

City 20 falls into the hands of private militias. Additional overwatch and CP reinforcements deployed into cities 3,10,16,5,4,8,15 and 24

Cities 10 and 8 are overrun. Headcrab shells deployed to contain rioters

City 20 reclaimed by combine forces. Isolated instances of looting and murder observed in the coast

Several prisoners escape from Nova Prospekt. Combine forces deployed into surrounding areas

Zombie Escapees observed near Nova Prospekt perimeter. City 8 is reclaimed by Overwatch forces

Day 2 Edit

Combine Units near Nova Prospekt overrun by Zombie and Anti-citizen escapees. Perimeter thumpers activated in outposts Nomad and Apex

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMM! Thermo-Nuke detonated by militia,destroying the coast and all cities in the process. Small pockets Combine soldiers and CPs remain