Antlion Queen

An Antlion Queen, easily identified by it's blue coloring.

The Antlion Queen is an enemy featured in Half Life 2: Episode Three. It is fought on only one occasion throughout the game, and is extremely durable. It uses the same model as the Antlion Guard and Antlion Guardian, but is easily identified by it's blue coloring.


The Antlion Queen is very similar to both the Antlion Guard and Antlion Guardian, except for it's blue color scheme. It is also slightly larger than the other Antlions mentioned, making it more intimidating. It's arms and back legs are wider, and it's front legs have a black coloring at the bottom, indicating a poisonous tip. It also has a strange ominous glow, making it easier to see in the dark.

Behavior and SkillsEdit

Queens have almost the same capabilities as Guards and Guardians, with some exceptions. They move faster overall, but do not charge like the other Antlions. Their armor is more durable, making them much harder to kill. They have a ranged toxin attack, much like the Antlion Guardian, but it is more deadly, and will usually kill the player in two to three hits. If hit by a swipe from the Queens front legs, a less dangerous toxin attack will be delivered, along with the actual force of the blow. All of these factors make the Antlion Queen an extremely deadly adversary.


When battling the Queen, be sure to keep a good distance away from it, as it's headbutt attack is quite lethal. Keep in mind, however, to avoid the ranged toxin attack that it also possesses. If hit by this attack, the players health will be reduced, regardless of the current amount, to 12. Make sure to use the MP7's Secondary Function, as this will temporarly stun the Queen. The SPAS-12 is also a good weapon to use against it. If the player has collected the hidden RPG from earlier in the chapter, now is a good time to use it. The Gravity Gun can also be used to throw the explosive barrels littered around the mine, stunning the Queen momentarily. The small alcoves around the edges of the mine provide a moment of safety and some supplies, but the Queen will eventually break through the debris shielding you, making it all the more frantic. While inside these alcoves, it is possible to shoot at the Queen, allowing you to lower her health from a safe area.


  • The Antlion Queen is the first Female Antlion seen in the Half Life Universe.
  • The Antlion Queen's color scheme is similar to the original Antlion Guardian's, albeit a bit darker.
  • It is unknown if there is more than one Antlion Queen, as the creature is only fought once in the Half Life Series.