game:player JV (james victoria or james) joined the game

james:*sighs* lets get this over with *walks up to metal detector*

mingebag:stop *checks james for weapons*

james:*sighs* ok

mingebag:*gets shot* AAH

james:WHAT THE..

?:go on be safe *puts away pistol then pulls out M4A1 holographic /w grenadier*

mingebag 2:IT'S HIM

james:it's who?

mingebag 2:the hero felix a former minge...*gets shot with M4A1* YAA

mingebag 3:*pulls out 9mm psitol from half-life 2* shoot that traitor *gets shot up by james with the m16a4 he grabbed from mingebag 2* GAAH

james:wait *looks at felix* that suit its looks so familiar WAIT

to be continued.....