A list of characters unimportant to Dan's Half-Life.



"Peters is down! " - Commander Deftin, during the Deftin War

Peters is a soldier encountered during the Deftin War who apparently gets shot down by a combine, as addressed by Commander Deftin. He is also a reference to an unseen Conscript .


"Manridge is down!" - Commander Deftin, during the Deftin War

Manridge is an unseen soldier during the Deftin War and is only referenced in a voice line by Commander Deftin. He is also a reference to an unseen Conscript. He also apparently gets shot down by a combine. 



Ivan Edit

"Sniper... On the tower... Pretty sure he's got a bolt-action... You gotta get him out..." - Ivan's last words  Ivan is a soldier encountered during the Deftin War and is also Commander Deftin's informant, but sometimes gets on Deftin's nerves. Ivan get's shot by the Combine Sniper.


"Damn it, where the hell is James?!? " - Commander Deftin, after is OICW ran out of ammo

James is Deftin's supplier during the war.  He is not seen, and is apparently dead after Commander Deftin loses his ammo for is OICW.




"Do you know Dr. Jones?" Ringo is a refugee who stays at Deftin's Bunker. Ringo is seen cowering in the bunker during the war and does not fight even though everyone there is drafted. He also knows Dr. Alexander Jones, where he says "Dr. Alexander Jones is one of the best men I've ever met. Do you know him?" 


Frank is a dead Borealis worker found on the Borealis. He is found in Geoff's room and the only 
Dead Borealis worker


confirmation that his name is Frank is a name tag on the ground next to him.

A dying Daniels


"Daniels is down!" -  Raymono Wallace

Daniels was a soldier who fought during the Deftin War and died during it. He was shot by a Combine sniper and was being treated by a medic before he died. 

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